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Imposter Syndrome – Radio 99.7FM

by | Jul 2, 2019 | On The Couch with Leonie

Below is the recording from Leonie’s radio programme “One The Couch With Leonie” on 99.7 Bridge FM, every second Monday at 11.10am.

On this week’s program, Leonie talks about Impostor Syndrome. Impostor Syndrome is a condition where there is an identifiable pattern of the subject believing that they are not worthy of their accomplishments. There is often a prevailing fear of being “found out” and everyone realising that they are, in fact, a fraud.

Both men and women can suffer from Impostor Syndrome although it has been reported that it is more common in women. The very nature of Impostor Syndrome and the fear of being “found out” can stop a person seeking help. The same can be said for the feeling of isolation that those with this issue can feel. Because people feel like frauds and dread being exposed, they don’t see that it is a very common condition.

There are some sources that actually say that fools, idiots and actual frauds never experience Impostor Syndrome.


Leonie Schilling

Leonie Schilling

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Leonie is a Qualified Counsellor, Trainer, Mediator and Early childhood Educator who is also a Justice of the Peace.

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